Mr. Bert Pronk

Chairman, BM Energy (BD) Ltd.,

Since 1999, I have visited Bangladesh many times and I have seen the progress made in all these years. Because of the progress, I have started to invest in Bangladesh industries together with my local partner Mr. Mostafizur Rahman. It’s all started with a garments factory in Chittagong and later on other successful industry like Chittagong Denim Mills in Gazipur and in-land container depot in Chittagong. All these companies have been and still are very successful. In July 2015, we have launched “BM LP GAS” with Headquarter in Chittagong. Total 11,700 MT LPG Storage Capacity and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies in all the four plants – Barabkundo, Chalna, Kaligonj & Sherpur. The company is growing very fast, as of today we already have substantial share in the LPG market of Bangladesh and we are confident to continue our progress in the coming years. I would like to thank all our customers for their support for making this progress possible.

Mr. Mostafizur Rahman

Managing Director, BM Energy (BD) Ltd.,

Since the inception of BM Energy (BD) Ltd. we have been operating the business with some particular mission to grow our business and capture a firm market share in the LPG Industry. We have priorities and ensured product safety in terms of LPG Import, Bottling and Distribution in the market. We have been using one of the world’s no. 1 valve brand in our cylinder and state of the art technologies has been installed in our plants to ensure proper safety. We are constantly investing in this company and establishing more bottling and storage plants and infrastructure for serving the customers across the country and make sure that our product is available everywhere.

Mr. Andre Hendriks

Business Partner, BM Energy (BD) Ltd.,

Providing affordable, clean and safe energy to Bangladesh is our mission. Since 2015, we are working very hard to deliver on this promise. In the ten years I have worked in Bangladesh, I have learnt that when Bangladeshi say that will get something done, they get it done. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, sometimes there are challenges that get in the way of planning but they all get it done. By working hard and dedicated these challenges are overcome and the job gets done. Since 2007, I have already seen many changes in this country. We are proud that we had the opportunity to witness this transformation. Bangladesh is a beautiful country with lots of potential for the future. With a young and hard working population, I am convinced that Bangladesh will continue to develop as it has done in the last decade. I am also convinced that with the support of dealers, distributors, suppliers and of course, the team of BM Energy, “BM LP GAS” will continue as a successful company in the LPG Market.